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+ HR Services for the workplace and the at-home office workers of today   

We have been delivering successful HR Services and Projects to our clients for over 12 years in UAE.

Our flexibility and agility added to our understanding of the importance of being able to adapt quickly to embrace change has been a key feature for us and it is also significant in retaining strong client relationships which is something we value and we are proud of

Your HR and Recruitment partner should support your growth and enhance your business.
That’s why at Smart HR we’ve designed our services to work on your terms alongside your existing HR function and departmental management teams to assist and support your staff with all the fun, and not so fun, aspects of HR management.
Alternatively we can be your HR team where we seamlessly integrate within your organisation.
Whatever you need we have a product that will work for you. We specialise in tailored services to suit a varied range of requirements adopting industry best practice with expertise in regional HR management and UAE Employment Law.
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